Commercial policy

Wonderfoodjob’s clients can whether choose from a bunch of services or a complete recruitment mission.

A global recruitment mission at Wonderfoodjob:

- Analysis and restitution of the client’s need

- Elaboration of a job offer maximized for online results (keywords, referencing …)

- Setting up of a media plan (distribution on with highlighting of the offer and of the company on the website + communication on partner’s websites)

- Online sourcing of profiles (social networks, cv library) and specialized databases on the agri-food business Manageria-Wonderfoodjob

- Receiving and selecting of applications. Each candidate will receive an answer

- Phone qualification to validate the quality of the applications and the candidates’ motivation

- Face to face or Skype interviews (with candidates located abroad) to evaluate the selected candidates

- Constitution of a short-list, writing of evaluation folders for the candidates, reference checking

- Organization of the interviews for the Company

- Assistance in decision making

- Warrantee of starting again the assignment without additional fees during the trial period

Each mission is jointly led with a Senior Consultant expert of the agri-food business who insures, simultaneously and in parallel with several recruitment missions, a centralized management of his or her client.

The fees are fixed and payable: 50% at the contract signature and 50% at the hiring of a candidate. Wonderfoodjob works in exclusivity.

Available services :



Publication of a job offer or internship offer for France or International on

Applications generated by the website are directly addressed to the client who treat them

Help with the redaction of the job offer

WFJ’s methodology on a job offer redaction : making the position attractive and SEO approach

Putting forward the job offer on WFJ’s website as the “job offer of the week” on the frontpage

This service provides you with more visibility of your job offer

Distribution on international partners’ websites

Centralized management by WFJ who is in charge of putting the job offers online. The applications will by directly received and dealt with by the client


Translation of the offer in English, Spanish and German


Highlighting of the offer in our monthly newsletter, section : “They recruit”

Sent to our entire profile database: 70 000 agri-food professionals

Pushing of the offer to profiles found on specific databases (intern and online) and targeted according the client’s needs

Profile selection according to the technical specification of the company and sending over of the job offer by email to professionals, generation of statistics (deliverability and clicks). The generated applications will be dealt with directly by the client

Receiving of the generated applications from the job offer posted on

Management of candidate’s feedbacks Selection of most relevant Résumés Precise reporting

Redaction of a summary for the client

Reception of all the applications generated by the media plan with feedback management to the applicants, selection of the résumés and precise reporting

Redaction of a summary for the client

Checking over the phone of 5 key aspects decided in accordance with the company: mobility, salary, language…to choose.

Validation of each specific criteria, written summary for each contacted candidate (chart form)

Complete phone interview / Skype for chosen profiles by the client (by the client and/or WFJ) and presentation from 2 to 5 candidates folders

Evaluation folders including a summary, assets of the candidates, points of vigilance and a personality test.

Organization of the interviews with the clients


Assistance in decision making / reference check

Summary of the reference checking, accompanying to make the choice, salary negotiation…

International recruitment mission


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