CP Kelco

CP KELCO is an American company that was founded in 1929 in San Diego, California and later expanded through a merger with Copenhagen Pectin. The company is now a worldwide leader in specialty hydrocolloids and is part of the J.M. HUBER Corporation, a worldwide family-owned manufacturer of specialty chemicals founded in 1883. Today, HUBER Corporation employs 4,000 people with locations across over 20 countries. HUBER is based in Edison, New Jersey; CP KELCO is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and has approximately 2,000 employees worldwide.



CP KELCO’s culture is based on four Huber Principles (or core values):

-Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability: ongoing commitment to employee safety and well-being, process safety management, and sustainability and continuous improvement in reducing our environmental impact. CP KELCO operated a big change in these aspects in the last few years and is piloting a lot of projects in that direction.

-Respect for People: team spirit and internal recognition

-Excellence: achieving competitive advantage through customer focus, innovation and operational excellence

-Ethics: ethical responsibility, integrity and fairness in doing business


CP KELCO products are derived from fermentation or extraction from vegetal raw materials (citrus, sea weeds, cellulose, etc.) The Company is a leading producer of pectin, gellan gum and cellulosic gums and a major manufacturer of carrageenan and xanthan gums. CP KELCO pioneered the introduction and production of gellan gum, the most recent addition to the hydrocolloid technology.


CP KELCO products are primarily used for texturizing, stabilizing, gelling and thickening. These products are based on CP KELCO’s in-depth expertise and experience in rheology. Rheology is the study of distortion and flow of matter under applied constraints. CP KELCO products impact the sensory properties of a number of manufactured products by changing the rheology of those products.